2 Indian Sauce Recipes- Raw Vegan Healthy Fast Delicious and Simple

Indian sauce recipes can be HEALTHY, yes raw vegan non dairy uncooked vegetarian, dairy free green chutney, raita sauce, yogurt sauce, with cilantro, cucumbers, curry, cumin, harissa, cashew, that can be eaten with gluten free garlic naan. These are fast, easy and simple recipes made by gourmet raw vegan chef Cara Brotman, author of the the uncookbook “Love on a Plate” Delicious and healing foods.
The non gluten garlic naan recipe is at
Indian food is delicious but way overcooked. We offer healthy alternatives and ways to eat the same food but not cooked to death. They are vegan vegetarian non gluten non dairy super popular healthy indian dishes you can make at home easy fast and simple. These recipes are fun and good for you and the children.


  1. The Master Key says:

    I’m purchasing your book this payday!! It’s been on my list of things to get since becoming raw. I’ve been slowly remodeling what’s in my kitchen pantry. Changing my staple foods and switching out countertop appliances. 🌸☀️🌻

  2. Lisa.tahnee says:

    Need to try this! 😍😍

  3. Stephanie Meyer says:

    Sweet! Some of my favorites too. But now healthy 🙂

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