Breakfast Box – Epic Meal Time

This week we make a breakfast box with our awesome friends Sam & Niko

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  1. Naji Nasser says:

    Guy on the left at the end loooooooooked pissed like a maaaaaaahfaka.

  2. NachoChip421 Gaming pranks and vlogs says:

    Has anyone realised that Arbys started using brown sugar bacon and they use it alot.

  3. Robbo Ando says:

    Epic edibles!!! Get celebs around bake edibles (weed infused treats) and make sure u show the aftermath of everyone all fucked up!!

  4. claudio campos says:

    Maybe if Harley cuts his hair and shaves his beard they will have millions of views like before

  5. Janusz Gajusz says:

    You gotta respect the Lada!

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