Cake Batter Oreo Sprinkle Cookies- with yoyomax12

My cookies were quite crunchy and were very nice with a glass of milk. I have many other recipes that use cake mixes check them out: https://


  1. The Kneady Homesteader says:

    WOW Tammy, my boys will LOVE these!!!! 😀 Thanks Mama!

  2. wildheart5 says:

    There is a party in every cookie!!

  3. dawnpop says:

    Oh my gosh those look amazing.

  4. Inbar Peled says:

    looks amazing!!

  5. LookupintheAER says:

    I really appreciate how you review the final taste and texture and give us
    tips on things you would change, how to store it, or if you would use the
    recipe again. Not many people are so helpful and honest; their focus is on
    “selling” their videos. Thumbs up as always!

  6. LaDolcevita37 says:

    I love the ending where they spell out yoyo Max with people. Was that done
    for real or a computer generated image ?

  7. Bunnie Faerie says:

    Oh god those look amazing. i can’t even deal.

  8. yoyomax12 - the diet free zone says:

    The original recipe describes these as soft and chewy, but mine were
    crunchy. I think I may have over baked them. If you want softer chewy
    cookies, I suggest baking until edges are brown, the centers will look VERY
    soft. Remove from oven and allow to cool before removing from cookie sheet.

  9. Bawden Vlogs says:

    Add in 1 egg, or apple sauce, 🙂 My lanta this looks amazing!!! I’m going
    to have to shop and make this pronto!

  10. Masooma Hasan says:

    This the only channel I watch daily:-)

  11. Kalliope B says:

    Use the whole theme song with the lets get the facts part

  12. kayla hyun says:

    Wow! I can’t believe it! I’m finally under 301+ views!

  13. Anna Olsen says:

    looks so yummy like always!!!! can you make more food that looks like other

  14. Danilo Castro says:

    They look soon delicious!

  15. Katelyn Cao says:

    I love all of your cake batter flavored recipes yoyomax12!!!

  16. Ella Burnham says:

    Can I add m & m 

  17. I've got No name says:

    Can I just use the cake mix and put chocolate chips in them?

  18. MollyxoMakeup says:

    Just got home from school, and I am Definitely making these!

  19. Lilly Blanadet says:

    Look delicious!!

  20. a good pretty life says:


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