Chocolate Marble Cake Recipe – Шоколадный торт с карамельной прослойкой, Рецепт

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  1. Andy Smith says:

    mmmm very nice! can’t wait to try this!

  2. Josh Kim Gaming says:

    Delicious! You just earned a subscriber amazing chef!

  3. John Jenks says:

    Looks very professional! очень вкусно!!! 

  4. Ekaterina Lastochkina says:

    Ochenj lublu shokoladnije torti i eto vigladit ochenj vkusno! spasibo za
    takije klassnje recepti!!

  5. FitAnge S says:

    I love marble cakes. If you were to use a smaller cake tin, it would come
    out a thicker cake right? I’m going to make this in a smaller tin and see. 

  6. Fritz Rochester says:

    Hey Alla !!! How are ya my Friend !!! Wow Wow Wow your Chocolate Marble
    Cake Recipe was Off the Charts NEXT Level Yummy !!! I LOVE your Videos
    SweetHeart you are so Energetic and Fun your Personality is Awesome !!!
    Thank you so Very Much for Sharin ALL your Wonderful Recipes !!! Another
    Fantastic Video Alla … 

  7. Chaos Kitchen 51 says:

    great cake recipe, wonderfull… have a nice sunday, Tom

    ChaosKitchen51 – cooking & baking with Tom

  8. Anuk Silva says:

    Looks heavenly 

  9. AllasYummyFood says:

    This is a beautiful and fantastic cake! It serves 10-12 people and will be
    a hit at any party or event! It has white and dark chocolate layers, filled
    with salted caramel and topped with some chocolate genache. I promise its
    very easy cake to make, it looks so good, your family or friends will think
    you have spent all day baking this cake for them! 

  10. Annita Faude says:

    Great recipe, i will be making this for sure! i have missed your videos!!! 

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