Crush Cake – Epic meal Time

This week we make a very colorful cake using all the different flavors of Crush! It tastes quite carbonated and fruity! Come check it out!

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Crush Cake – Epic Meal Time


  1. Greg Mojher says:

    Amir sucks, you got rid of all the cool people and kept the only douchbag

  2. Blake Maquar says:

    I’m a chef in New Orleans. You guys need to come hang for Mardi Gras and use my restaurant’s kitchen to make an Epic Meal cajun style.

  3. Andy G says:

    Why did this channel die?

  4. William Liska says:

    I never wanted a cake the way I want that cake

  5. Brett Bee says:

    Over 1000ml. So about a litre?

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