Do you need a dehydrator for your raw food?

For a downloadable version of the kale chip recipe used in this video, head over to:


  1. Sabina Celestin says:

    Can the food be dehydrated in the sun?

  2. Foodie DNA says:

    Thanks for this recipe, can’t wait to try it! I’m just a bit confused about closing the oven door because I’ve heard cooks say you have to leave the door slightly open when dehydrating. Is this only applicable for a conventional oven?

  3. Wilma Haerkens says:

    I’m looking forward to trying this recipe (in my dehydrator). Wow, I didn’t know they are making stoves with a dehydrator option. Thank you for posting your recipes on your website!

  4. Wired Bounty says:

    Thought this was about using an oven for dehydrating…. not about your recipe for kale chips. 6.5 minutes making your recipe on an 8 minute video…sheesh

  5. amit williams says:

    dear sir i want to know i have OTG oven. how can i use it as a dehydrator. please tell me for how much time i can keep my dry fruits and what would be the temp. and so i need to keep my oven door open. i have only one fan it that.

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