Drink this to Grow your butt |how to make protein shake for bigger butt |protein shakes recipes

Hi Guys,
In today’s video I will be sharing with you how to make protein shake for Bigger Butt at home and i also shared all the necessary ingredients/ recipes you will need whenever you want to make a protein shake. Hope you like enjoyed the video.
Watch the video and let me know if you like the drink?
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  1. Milli Khan says:


  2. KOF107 says:

    your booty is awesome😍😍

  3. Sultank Qarmashi says:

    I do this for how many days,thanx dia

  4. Anna thomas says:

    for how many days dear?

  5. Mistress Ciel says:

    If you dont like the taste of banana is it still sweet can you still taste it or no?

    • Abigail Ekweghi says:

      i really have not tried it without the banana, but i think it will realy taste so bad, for sure it wont be as tasty as with the banana

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