farmers market finds and what to do with raw food | dara dubinet

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  1. radiantchristina says:

    oh wow …the colors in your kitchen today…beautiful 

  2. tamcon72 says:

    We’re still a few months away from luscious farmers market finds and
    sunshine bright, flower-filled kitchen activities here in Michigan, so this
    was a wonderful thing to experience with you! Thanks for posting : )

  3. nadiasvilenova says:

    I recently found your channel through searching for videos for ‘curing’
    Hashimoto’s disease and I am so grateful. I feel so privileged for being
    able to watch your videos learn all of this information. I got diagnosed
    with Hashimoto’s two years ago at 18 after being ill from mono, which I
    think triggered it. I’m trying to learn more and more about a healthy
    lifestyle but I am also so conflicted because there is so much information
    out there that says a paleo diet is good for Hashimoto’s. And people like
    Sarah Wilson from “I Quit Sugar” – she healed herself through a Paleo diet
    but I that’s so different from the raw diet – cooked with meat and no
    sugar, limiting even fruit to a handful of berries a day at most. I’m still
    figuring out what works for me. Thank you Dara for your wonderful videos, I
    wish you all the best. xx

  4. radiantchristina says:
  5. Stephanie Nuce says:

    Lovely! Everything looks so delicious. Thx for another great video! 

  6. Rodney S says:

    “waves” :)

  7. Raw Food Justin says:

    what to do with raw food? EAT IT!

  8. Spore0011 says:

    I just made a kale salad with orange bits lol. 

  9. Lauren Nastasi says:

    Even when you aren’t making food, you make me hungry!! The way you talk
    about it, the passion, love it!

  10. tall vegan girl says:

    Awww I didn’t know you had a daughter! I bet she’s a little ray of sunshine
    too. can you talk more about how to feed children raw food? thanks!

  11. Raw Food Justin says:

    You really do have an amazing farmers market there. I learned a lot from
    this video. Do you have a link to a study or something that talks about
    removing mucus from the body?

  12. Mariana G says:

    i got inspired to make the strawberries and sugar, that is how i used to
    eat them as a kid too!

  13. Kristine Olsen Stockfisch says:

    what kind of shopping cart do you have? It looks great!

  14. ReenLuvsGreens says:

    Watching your videos always gives me an extra boost of happiness,
    especially farmer market finds!

  15. fruitgirl253 says:

    That guy at the beginning is a delight, as are you Dara! Really wanting
    some of those greens with flowers.

  16. Linda M says:

    Thank you so much of the shout out!! It was so lovely to meet you on
    Saturday! xo – Linda, the Farmers Market Fairy

  17. Natalie Loves Beauty says:

    You are so sweet and a ray of sunshine 🙂 I just love your positivity, so
    inspirational! xx

  18. Alicia Holloway says:
  19. Mad Steel says:

    Carrots with body parts hahaha 🙂 .. like lemons with faces :-)

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