HOMEMADE PROTEIN SHAKE – Cheap and Easy Recipe for Muscle building and Fat loss

Let us make a Easy and Cheap Protein Shake at home. This is a simple recipe of a homemade protein shake using just 4 ingredients.

Not everyone can afford to buy a protein supplement and nor does everybody likes to buy a protein powder. So, in this video, we will make a homemade protein shake using 4 simple ingredients which are very easily available near you.

We will talk about this protein shake in detail, the timings when it should be consumed, the do’s and don’ts.

Checkout the recipe of homemade peanut butter used in this shake.

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  1. iam jp says:

    your previous videos also had a reference of flaxseed.but i can not get it anywhere.i asked big bazar Spencer’s and local shops too.but no one had it.what’s it called in local languages like hindi and here bengali?please help

  2. rajsrujun25 says:

    I don’t think salmonella will be there in raw eggs! Kindly check again.
    Raw eggs have something which hinders the absorption of a vitamin called biotin. That’s all I remember from my MBBS classes but Salmonella? I don’t think so.
    Just check again.

  3. Aman Sandhu says:

    Love your videos Bro n the content is spot on.. Really appreciate you completing the video even when it started raining.. Your excellent. Keep it up!

  4. Basil J says:

    Good job. Simple but more protein should be there then it’s worth it

  5. Shashank Thiagarajan says:

    Bro Avocadoes or eggs would be better option as bananas n milk shouldn’t be taken together according to ayurveda.
    Not all eggs have salmonella n not all strains of salmonella hurt us

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