MASSIVE INSANE CLOWN TOFFEE (40,000 Calorie Starburst Halloween Special) – Epic Meal Time

Enjoy our Halloween special feat special guest Freddy, Jason, Mike and Billy from Saw

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40,000 Calorie Starburst – Epic Meal Time


  1. PoopStinkPie says:

    Just watch… Muscles Glasses will make a return after years of people bitching!!! Then people will realize they don’t really care after all since he doesn’t fucking speak!

    I like EMT then and now…fuck haters.

  2. OG WoWfiend says:

    What the fuck is a juggalo……I fucking died


    return of muscle glasses??????????????

  4. Katlin Schell says:

    Whoop whoop! Mmfcl

  5. A Baguette says:

    Sad how many people cared a few years ago and how they got so many views. And now it’s just… dead.

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