Raspberry Dessert Cups with White Chocolate Cheesecake – Recipe by Cupcake Addiction

Today I made an indulgent dessert recipe to rival any professional. White chocolate & raspberry is one of my favourite combinations and these delicious littl…


  1. wonder woman says:

    Why do I watch cooking vids and I dont cook

  2. Leah W says:

    Please could you do more cooking with squish. By the way I love your
    channel and can’t wait to try this recipe

  3. Bryniaha Earle says:

    I love her channel them food look so good

  4. Katbirt14 says:

    I can’t find the quantities for the ingredients. Help? I really want to
    make this. 

  5. 13themuse says:

    These look absolutely divine. I am planning a wedding shower for my best
    friend and I needed a dessert option. I am going to make this cheese cake
    and a chocolate mousse cake dessert cups.

  6. shrimpsquiggles says:

    Do you remove the plastic cup/moulds? If not, is there any point to the

  7. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    What goes best with Raspberries? Why, white chocolate of course!
    Mini individual desserts to die for! xx

  8. ivegottaluvlikewoe says:

    Hi! Question, is there a vegetarian substitute we can use for the gelatin?
    **You mentioned that we don’t HAVE to add it in, but I was just wondering
    if you had any suggestions for replacement ingredients**

  9. Dance Moms says:

    I hacked this comment, so you can’t like it

  10. TheVegetarianBaker says:

    Elise, These look amazing. I bet they taste even better. +MyCupcakeAddiction

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