The Evolution of Pizza – Epic Meal Time

This week we re-invent the pizza game, my making the ultimate Rigatoni Pizza!

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The Evolution of Pizza – Epic Meal Time


  1. Blueman3 says:

    It’s like a pasta pizza infusion but 10 times better !! 😮🍕🍝😋

  2. Jeff Cirelli says:

    So, when I eat pasta, be it spag, penne, rigrigtoni, whathaveyou.,. Im always making little sandwhiches of macaroni, sauce, and bread. Like Ill put a forkfull of pasta covered in sauce on the bread, and eat that bite of bread. Repeat. Secondarily, Im a chef, and yes I have made a grilled macaroni sandwhich. Like a grilled cheese, just with macaroni(penne vodka specifically).

    So Im down with this. Absolutely.

    But I think, for a little tweak on version two, there should be more sauce. Otherwise, this is a win.

  3. halicore says:

    smash that bicep button schoolboy

  4. Bastiaan Pels says:

    So many incredible inventions. Edison would be proud of that many inventions that can actually pass the test of time. 50 years from now, same lvl of fame would be appropriate.

  5. Andrew Peace says:

    What happened to Lemme Kno lol

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