Turkish Potatoes Rolled Borek Recipe Without Oven

Learn how to make easy turkish ground beef potatoes rolled borek without oven. Also this turkish food is known as pan borek. This borek recipe difference fro…


  1. mikaexample.@com Matazimova says:

    Плииз рецепт на русском языке

  2. Ajmal Mohammad says:

    Please can you make borke recipe video thank you

  3. Easy Turkish Recipes says:
  4. Randa Ali says:

    Yummy yummy get to try it

  5. MeMe Al-Sh says:

    Eliniz sağlık.. Can ı have gülbeşeke recipe?? 

  6. noor badr says:

    رأاااااااااائع ممكن تعلمينا طريقة العجين؟

  7. Lilmama Taurus says:

    I love all your videos and recipes!! But I have to know,when you use FLOUR
    in your recipes what kind of flour?? is it regular all purpose flour or
    self rising flour ?? And when you use vanilla what kind imitation or
    extract?? I love to cook and when I fallow a recipe I like to be exact on
    measuring, time and ingredients so it tastes like the real thing.Thank you
    for all your recipes.

  8. Zainab Albaqal says:

    Hello dear i’m in love with turkish recipe

  9. wcief mohmmed says:

    that is amazing . I love you recipes thankyou for sharing this
    thank you so much

  10. huriye kantar says:

    So much more healthier than the way turkish people usually make it.

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